Devices BIOMEDIS are designed to maintain health and rejuvenate the body.

The principle of operation of BIOMEDIS devices is based on the effect of weak electromagnetic waves, which cause a resonant response in the body. The frequencies of electromagnetic oscillations have a strictly directed effect on specific organs and systems.

In one device more than 1000 programs of influence.

Special program complexes BIOMEDIS:

  • Restore and normalize the work of organs and body systems
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Help to cope with viruses and bacteria
  • Contribute to detoxification and purification of the body
  • Stabilize the psycho-emotional state
90% positive feedback from users
Minimal contraindications, can be used for children and the elderly
The ability to make individual health programs
The universality of the method allows one device to solve different problems
The newest technologies inside carefully designed devices for effective recovery
Compact size and light weight allow to carry the device with you all the time

Choose Your BIOMEDIS Device


Multifrequency bioresonance therapy device – stylish, reliable, compact and lightweight.


The device low-frequency electromagnetic correction for maintenance of healthy work of an organism


Wellness is a device for maintaining the health and proper functioning of the body’s organs and systems.

The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the products to the requirements of the technical conditions while observing the conditions of operation, transportation and storage. If the operating rules are observed, the service life can significantly exceed the officially established (5 years).
Warranty period – 24 months from the date of sale.