Structure of the Affiliate program

Affiliate program represents a stage plan of discounts and rewards with a system of additional bonuses.
The plan structure can be demonstrated as a ladder, the stairs of which represent the qualification levels of partner. The higher the qualification level, the higher the discount.

AP has five levels:

  • Partner is your first steps in business. It is a period of active learning, studying the product, acquisition of knowledge and business skills, attendance of weekly trainings.
  • Expert is a period of business formation. It includes acquisition of the ability to identify and “grow” leaders and obtaining skills in organizing structural activities.
  • Pro is a period when the acquired experience is transformed into professional skills. It is a creation of a “personal brand”.
  • Master is a period of your skills improvement. Knowledge and skills become qualities. It is an improvement of skills of building and managing structures. It is a promotion of the “personal brand”.
  • President’s adviser is a period of getting residual income for creating a self-stimulated and self-regulated business structures. It is a participation in company’s management.


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