What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Everything in nature is the source of electromagnetic vibrations. These vibrations are radiated by cells, organs, systems.

Bioresonance therapy is the therapy by electromagnetic vibrations; structures of the organism come into the resonance with these vibrations. The idea of the resonance usage in the medicine lies in the fact that with the right choice of frequency and the form of medical influence, it is possible to increase normal (physiological) and reduce pathological vibrations in human body.The therapy is possible on the cellular level, as well as on the organ level, organs systems, and the whole organism.

Since a human being vibrations have electromagnetic nature, it is possible to register them with the help of electrode or inductor and to send through a circuit. After these vibrations are specially processed by the equipment they come back to the organism.

Electromagnetic field of the body responds to the therapeutic signals right away. Corrected vibrations are sent to the equipment again, etc. In that way, in the process of therapy, the patients and the equipment form closed contour of adaptive regulation. As a result, pathological vibrations become weaker or suppressed, and physiological vibrations become stronger, in the end this restores functions of the structures of the body.    Read more about bioresonance therapy.


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